If you have fallen behind with your mortgage payments, if you are about to fall behind or even if you are facing repossession and eviction from your property we can help.

You must act now, contact us right away to understand your repossession rights. We can stop repossession, usually within a matter of a few hours.

You have repossession rights, the banks will not usually tell you this as it is in their interest to reposses the property so they can sell it (say an auction) and hope to recoup their money. All is not lost, you may be able to keep your property and its contents, do not leave it and hope the calls go away… they wont.

If you have found a buyer for your property prior to your court hearing, repossession is likely to be stopped. We can act as your buyer, we can attend court with you, depending on how far behind with payments you are, and have proceedings stopped before its too late, and you lose your home.

We strongly advise you whatever position you are in to either call Free Phone 0800 138 9067 or fill in the form below now and put an end to ongoing debt.

We ensure strict confidentiality, and all your details and information on your circumstances will be kept private at all times. House Buyer Kent is a company you can trust, we will walk hand in hand through your financial nightmare, and make sure you come out the other side with a big smile on your face.