• Have your bought your investment property at a bad time?
  • Tenants not paying rent and/or destroying your property?
  • Want to get out as soon as possible?

We at House Buyer Kent are here to help, give us a call, and let us look at your situation.

Fill in our online sales questionnaire on the Sell Now page, email us via the Contact Us page, or simply give us a call on Free Phone 0800 138 9076

There are many possible options, and we will do our best to find one that is right for you.

Are you a landlord thinking or planning to retire?

Right now is a very unstable time to sell investment properties. We can buy already tenanted properties in any condition and in any circumstance, we can work with any portfolio at any size.

We can even help you to offload your whole portfolio if that’s something you also wish to do.

You can offload your whole portfolio or just part of your portfolio whatever you wish to do in a timeframe that suits you.

HMO Landlords

  • Is your HMO getting you down?
  • Not the cash cow you thought it might perform as?
  • Want to offload your HMO?

Here at House Buyer Kent will buy your HMO and relieve you from any stress. We deal with HMO properties and understand how keeping up to date with constant changing regulations and disputes with multiple tenants can be.

We can complete a purchase in as little as 7 days leaving you stress free from any problem that you may be involved in. We will buy properties in any area, in any condition and in any situation.

Fill in our online sales form on our Sell Now page, or give a member of our team a call on Free Phone 0800 138 9076. We will call you back promptly to discuss how we can help you. Don’t delay, we may be able to start helping you today.

The state of the real estate market isn’t ideal, especially for landlords. Tenant problems on one hand, finding the right buyer for my house on the other, most of them look to sell house for cash quickly and get out. HouseBuyerKent can help you sell house fast and sell property fast.