divorceNeed to move on with your lives?

Divorce can be a very stressful time and having to deal with joint debt just adds to the stress and ongoing hurt you might be experiencing.

During a divorce it can be very hard to sell your property and so you may be feeling a bit stuck and unable to move on with your life.

Do not leave things any longer, there are solutions to suit all situations, usually resulting in a quick sale, and funds turned around in less than 28 days.

We can help. No stress, no worries and no more dealings with the people you would rather not deal with.

After speaking to you both, and you both agree with our terms, we can move immediatly. Payment will follow within 28 days from the day you both accept the offer. The offer we make is guarnteed and will not be changed, right up until completion. This will allow both of your debts to be covered and allow an instant move from your property.

No more headaches, we do all the paperwork, we also cover all fees incurred in the process. Take your mind off things for a while and allow us to turn your life around for the better.