Thinking of selling at auction?
Please read this page first!

Whenever people talk about ‘cheap’ property the word ‘auction’ comes to mind.

Sellers who want a quick sale may put their property through an auction with an understanding they will achieve a quick sale, however this is not always the case.

This is a very risky process and auctioneers will want many weeks in advance to gather all of the information they need.
They will need time to take photos, advertise the property, arrange viewings and arrange legal packs, the whole process up to sale can take well over 2 months, as the buyer will need time to complete the purchase and there’s no guarantee that your property will even sell.

All of the above services are chargeable to you even if your property doesn’t sell. When properties at auction do sell they normally sell way below the properties value. With an average of only 66% of properties actually selling at auction, 1 in 3 people will fail to sell their property at auction, leaving the numbers of these kinds of sales falling.

The real winners at auctions are the auctioneers themselves who get a very nice commission every time a property is sold, and secondly the buyers who get a huge discount off a property at no cost to them. This leaves the seller in a situation where they pay money to the auctioneers hoping to sell their property with no guarantee, and a loss compared to what they probably paid for their property in the beginning.

House Buyer Kent’s service offers a genuine solution to those who are in need of a quick sale regardless to the properties condition. We specialise in buying properties within a short space of time, usually within 28 days, at no cost to you and we even cover your solicitors fees.

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